Vice Canada’s ongoing legal case is about bigger issues in Canadian journalism

Third-party intervenors in yesterday’s appeal by Ben Makuch and Vice Canada provided broader context into the importance and dangers of this case. Vice Canada and Ben Makuch’s lawyer Iain MacKinnon argued that forcing the national security reporter to give up records of his Kik messenger chats with alleged ISIS member Farah Mohamed Shirdon, who is [...]


From kennel to courtroom

A legal bid to save 21 former fighting dogs from being euthanized is part of a growing movement to grant animals some of the same rights as humans Originally published January 2017 Twenty-one lives hinge on the outcome of a case being heard in a small courtroom near Chatham, Ont., packed with spectators on a [...]

Big Bird in the City

If done carefully, great blue heron habitat and urban development can coexist. Originally published December 21, 2016 If you’ve ever been to downtown Vancouver’s False Creek, you’ve likely seen them: tall gray-blue birds stalking in the shallows. To see them in the air, they seem impossible, their long bodies and s-curved necks borne aloft on [...]

The first of many firsts

When it will happen, you can never predict. But five days late and counting, Matt and Cara Foulk were long expecting the arrival of their second child. With Father’s Day approaching, Kat Eschner follows the couple before, during and after the big moment Matt and Cara Foulk are in the midst of a pregnant pause. “I guess it’s a [...]

The Bible Emoji cometh

It’s not the apocalypse, writes Kat Eschner, just the age-old tradition of interpreting the Good Book Originally published June 6, 2016 Is it still the word of God when it’s an image as often associated with Drake as with prayer? The Bible Emoji was released this week in the iBooks store, alongside an associated website which lets users translate their own [...]

Out of Touch

The Toronto Star is delivering the newspaper on tablet, but its audience may be on a different screen Originally published March 24, 2016 Turn on your newspaper—and be prepared for a surprise. According to a November 2015 Toronto Star article by publisher John Cruickshank, the Star Touch tablet app is “the most dynamic, immersive and interactive approach to screen-based storytelling in [...]