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  • Get wise to COVID rumors
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  • Coronavirus shows our health agencies are ill prepared for fake news
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  • We have the tools to contain COVID-19 misinformation, we just aren't using them
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  • NFL's Aaron Rodgers said fertility concerns kept him from getting vaccinated. Here's what's behind the fertility myth
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  • What is money?
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  • Truth Decay: scientific misinformation and journalistic responses
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  • Recession Road: Windsor update
  • (TVO, ONpoli, guest) RESOURCES
  • Misinformation reporting guide
  • (first presented at NASW 2022)
  • Data security guide for journalists
  • (first presented at NASW 2019)
  • Example freelance work tracker
  • I also help run an LGBTQIA+-friendly online networking group for women and non-binary people in science writing. Join us by emailing me
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